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Just a short story called Mary.

Posted by The-Lady-In-The-Mask - 1 month ago

Just letting you the reader know that this is just a short story of a character name Mary, None of this is real. If you like the short story please let me know in the comments. Now back to the story.

Mary grow up in a house of pain.

Mary was always afraid of what she had to live with.

Mary’s mother was never really there in the Head.

Mary’s father was always very abuses to her.

Always drinking and cussing and Dealing with drugs.

Not ones he remembered pore Mary’s birthday.

Mary’s sisters were never nice.

They called pore Mary mean names and blamed her for their mistakes.

They made her do all the chores and they got rewarded for something they didn’t do.

Pore pore Mary.

One day Mary was in her room crying in the bed.

She whispered to her self, god please end my misery.

But nothing happened. Then suddenly there was a knock on the front door, her father opened the door and there was two people at the door.

they came to take pore Mary away. 

Mary’s father was drunk and high as hall, and said to the people, you are not taking this brat of a child, live this place or else!

One of the people pin Mary’s father to the floor and the other one barge in to Mary’s room and Said, we are here to take you away.

Mary was surprise and scared in the same time.

She didn’t know what to do so she went with the people that came to take her away.

Mary stayed in contact with her family only because she still loved them.